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The Mission

Did you know bees pollinate a third of everything we eat? One single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers every day. And with 84% of the world's pollination being reliant on bees, they are essential for sustaining the planet’s ecosystems.

Why does bee extinction matters?

Since 2006, farmers have seen their honeybees dying at an increasingly rapid rate.  The mortality rate in Europe reaches an average of 20%, ranging up to 53% between countries. While in the US, it has wiped out one third of honeybee colonies in the US since 2007. With high levels of dangerous pesticides and disruption of wild habitats, the realisation of bee extinction has a devastating impact for our planet: 

  • We will see a drastic decline in food crops
  • Herbivores will suffer if plants they feed on are not being pollinated and reproduced
  • Canola plants used for (bio)fuel will suffer as they are reliant on bee pollination
  • Clothing and other industries using cotton would struggle as well with cotton plants being dependent on bees.

What can we do? 

At SJÖ SKIN we support ecological agriculture. Our Happy Honey Mask contains 30% raw honey sourced directly from a beekeeping farm in Värmland. The Swedish honeybees pollinate on flowers from the wild forest, without use of any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

We also donate part of our profits to organisations that help save our buzzing friends.