Happy Honey Mask & Brush – SJÖ SKIN

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Happy Honey Mask & Brush - SJÖ SKIN
Happy Honey Mask & Brush - SJÖ SKIN
Happy Honey Mask & Brush - SJÖ SKIN
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Happy Honey Mask & Brush

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Get ready for your next holy grail. Our best-selling cult favourite. This dense pudding-like texture is a rich velvet blend of 31% Swedish Värmland Honey and gently exfoliating Chinese Coix Seeds. An indulgent multitasker, that re-energises and nourishes while caring for your natural skin barrier. A non-drying formula, it provokes a delicate warming sensation for the perfect mask ritual. Like a warm fluffy blanket on a cold evening. 

Our Happy Honey Mask was born after a full year of development and testing of 74 unique formulations. 

Värmland Honey holds a unique nutrient profile through pollination in local Swedish Wild Forests, including Heather, and Canola plants. Ours is cold-whipped for 3 days to achieve its unique creamy consistency. Known for being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, to help heal and nourish. A natural antioxidant-rich composition of Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Vitamin B and Vitamin C energises and brightens for a fresh and plump complexion. Calamine calms and soothes, while Chinese Coix Grains and White Kaolin Clay form a gentle exfoliating blend to ease congestion, clean impurities and free dead cells and debris from pollution and natural built up tissues. Finally, humectants Glycerine and Corn-Derived Propanediol are the hydration heroes, joining this formula for a luxurious masking experience.

Each pot is blended in small batches in Sweden. 


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It’s made to suit every skin type, even the most delicate. Suitable for pregnancy.

Free from fragrance and essential oils, just a gorgeous honey and oat-like scent from its natural composition.

Rich, creamy pudding-like texture. This one's special.  

A slight delicate warming sensation. Stays moist on your skin, and won't dry out like traditional clay masks.

Swedish Värmland Honey, Coix Powder, White Kaolin Clay, Glycerine, Propanediol, Calamine. That's it!


60ml, 2oz



Also known as Job’s Tears, or Adlay. Coix is a grain my mother often ate as porridge when she was a child, growing up in China. Our Coix Grains are cultivated on an organic farm in the high altitudes of Yunnan - a farm run by our family. 

It’s a more sustainable alternative to rice as it’s a perennial plant that grows for years. It requires less water and fertilisers as a result.  On the other hand, annual plants such as rice comprise 80% of food crops in the world and need to replanted every year.

Incredibly nutritious when eaten, but also when applied topically on skin. High in calcium, iron, protein and essential fatty acids, it’s often used as traditional Chinese folk medicine and said to clarify skin, prevent aging and reduce blemishes. Chemical active ingredients include Coixenolide and Coixol which is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic

I hope you enjoy!